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Rigging & Sails

Standing & Running Rigging
  • Aluminium mast with two straight Air Foil spreaders - boomless rig with external furling.

  • Stainless steel chain plates and stem fitting.

  • Standing rigging is 8mm 1 x 19 S/S wire with sweged fittings.

  • Reefurl furling for both Jib and Main.

  • Ball bearing travellers with control lines for both jib and main.

  • Split back stay.

  • Halyards, main and jib sheets and furling lines lead to the inside helm console with Lewmar rope clutches and self-tailing electric/two-speed manual self-tailing winch.

  • A short bowsprit, added in 2014, enables use of additional light air and downwind sails. (See below)

Sail Wardrobe
  • Self tacking 12 oz dacron jib and main by Far East Sails. Both new in 2013.

  • Spare jib.

  • Spare main, (nearing end of useful life and for emergency use only).

  • 170% MPS in sock. This sail tacks to the bowsprit and sheets to blocks on the transom and either of two Lewmar 30 cockpit winches. A wonderful sail in breezes to about 15 Kn.

  • 30 Ft diameter Sail Chute (Parachute). This is the ultimate downwind sail which also tacks through a block on the bowsprit to the anchor winch capstan. We, (self and wife), have used this sail in winds of 25 Kn and retrieved it without getting anything wet!

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